Our Imperial Gates can change the entire vibe!

Iron or Wood, we create custom gates to make sure no guest misses your house!
The custom gates come in vertical and horizontal style in 6’ ft high and the materials we use are:

  • Clear cedar
  • Cedar
  • Mahogany
  • Iron Ornamental
  • Iron + Mahogany

You can combine your own materials also to create your gate. Share your ideas and let’s work together to bring them to life!
You can choose from our models as well.

Iron Gates

Do you like a strong and heavy-duty gate?

We provide:
Imperial Walking Gate 4’ ft wide and 6’ ft high which can be combined with mahogany or can be entirely made of iron.
The 2 styles are Vertical or Horizontal with the board dimensions of 3’5” wide or 5’5” wide.
Whatever width you prefer will surely be the right choice, as both board dimensions look great!

For Double Iron Gates we create the Imperial Iron Double Gate with any design you like!
The double gate can include 1 walking gate (4’ ft or 5’ ft) and the rest of 6’ ft to be the driveway gate.

It can be combined with Mahogany or only made of iron with any design you like.

For Imperial Gates we use:

  • Iron
  • Mahogany
  • Digital code lock
  • Automatic Gate Operator for Double Gate

Automatic Gates

Is a rainy day again in Portland and you don’t want to get out of your car to open the Gate?

Call us to install a Custom Automatic Iron Gate.

We combine Iron with Mahogany for a luxury Gate. Check our projects.

Any Automatic Gate can be created by Bella Construction Group!

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