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Get your license on your first attempt!

-ADA ramps
-ADA roll-in showers
-ADA bathrooms
-ADA grab bars
-ADA windows and doors
-ADA emergency exits
-ADA decks and ramps

If you are looking to start a AFH business, we are here to help you! You may have already found a house that isn’t up to code and you want to transform, remodel or add few rooms; our team will make sure you meet all ADA – AFH rules and requirements. If you are looking to build a new AFH we will be there for you from A to Z including the design, plans, city permits + codes in order to take your license first time! Transforming the garage into additional rooms is an option that many customers are looking for – if this is also your vision.

We partner with Laria Real Estate, Fairway Mortgage Corporation, Thrive Care, etc to help you in every area of starting a AFH. We have covered over 100+ homes in Oregon and Washington helping business owners receive their license after the first inspection. AFH is a very competitive business and we want our customers to stay on top every year. Creating a safe home is our 1st priority, creating a modern AFH house is our 2nd priority in order to fill your home quickly.

We will take you through the entire process to help you understand the importance of ADA rules. Once we are done with the entire transformation, addition, or remodeling, we will take professional photos and videos promoting your Adult Foster Care Home with placement agencies in order to reach the correct audience. We will also help you create your own website, which will play an important role in filling up your AFH. It’s important for your business to be promoted on the best websites and with placement agencies to fill your home with residents; this is another way we help our customers after we transform their place in an AFH.

Working with Bella Group you receive:
– License on 1st attempt
– ADA/AFH codes + requirements
– Design Services
– Inspection Assessments
– Fire & Life Safety
– Compliance, Maintenance and Livability
– Your own website
– Pro Pictures + Videos
– We promote your business to agencies

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Thank you for your business!
Bella Construction Group